Ladies Clothing

Ladies Clothing

Tweedleberry is firmly anti fast fashion and we choose our ladies clothing range very carefully. Therefore, our aim is to provide you with garments and fabrics that offer both luxury and longevity. We select beautiful, heritage pieces plus contemporary designs that we’re certain will become tomorrow’s classics. All are of the highest quality and hardwearing enough to enjoy every day.

By understanding the key differences between all the items in our women’s clothing range, hopefully you can make informed decisions when selecting the perfect tweed garment.


What is the Difference Between a Cape, Poncho, Serape and Jacket?

Our core womenswear collection consists of ponchos, capes, serapes and jackets. All are made from the finest quality Harris or British tweeds in a variety of stunning colours and patterns. But what are the key differences between a cape, poncho, serape and jacket?

Capes, Ponchos and Serapes typically have no sleeves and tend to lack a distinct front closure. In fact, they can often be open at the front. Conversely, jackets have sleeves and a distinct front closure. But the difference between Capes, Ponchos and Serapes isn’t quite as clear. Here’s a guide to help you navigate through the subtleties of these stylish garments.


Capes usually have a fastening mechanism like buttons or a tie, but do not have sleeves. Often the fastening is at the neck but can also serve as a front closure. Arguably, Capes may be considered more structured than Ponchos and Serapes. Tweedleberry’s Coralie and Bonnie capes have a distinct three or four-button front closure. The Bonnie cape also has an additional belt around the waist area.


Unlike Capes, Ponchos tend not have a fastening mechanism at the neck or front and thus are often simpler in design. Although both our Harriet and Harley ponchos are finished with three Celtic-style buttons, these primarily serve as a way of securing the shape and integrity of the folded collar rather than as a closure function. Neither the Harriet or Harley have a front opening. Both are designed to slip over the head and drape over the shoulders.


Serapes tend to be the simplest and least structured of the three garment types. In fact, Serapes are closer in spirit to a shawl or even a rectangular blanket. Our beautiful ‘Willow’ wool Serape boasts simplicity in structure but maintains elegant contours when worn as a wrap.


Jackets are typically more structured and form-fitting compared to the aforementioned. And unlike capes, ponchos, and serapes, they also often feature pockets and lapels. Tweedleberry’s Jamie, Jessie and Jenna Tweed jackets are all cut in a flattering fit and feature two or three complementary buttons and pockets.

About Tweedleberry Women’s Clothing Range

All garments in Tweedleberry’s womenswear range use beautiful Tweeds woven in Yorkshire or stunning Harris Tweeds woven in the Outer Hebrides of Scotland where the heritage and quality speak for itself.

The range clothing is chosen for its quality and simplicity. The collection is compact as we do not mass produce products. We produce all our womenswear within the UK with many products made in Yorkshire itself. The ultimate aim is to be sustainable and have all aspects of the products available locally to keep the carbon footprint low. In addition, the availability of our products will be excellent as we are not relying on overseas labour and shipping.

At Tweedleberry we are proud supporters of British sustainable fashion. You can shop with confidence as we ensure all our products are beautifully made and made to last.

Our Capes

Both our ‘Coralie’ and ‘Bonnie’ capes are all made from Harris Tweed and are fully lined with a luxurious satin fabric. Both are 30in/76cm in length and are available in five different fabric patterns

The ‘Coralie’ is accented with three buttons and a pocket on either side. It is designed so that one size fits all. It is available in five check patterns in total - denim & sage, multicoloured, teal houndstooth, sky blue with a subtle overcheck and pastel (which is mainly beige and cream with a small herringbone pattern).

The ‘Bonnie’ has a collar that can be worn up or folded down for added versatility. It has a four-button closure and two immaculately finished pockets as well as a waist belt. It is a traditional cape style at the top but slightly more fitted through the hips. The ‘Bonnie’ comes in three sizes; small, medium and large. Just like the ‘Coralie’, it is available in both pastel and denim & sage check patterns. It is also available in camel and lavender check as well as brown herringbone. 

Our Ponchos

Both our ‘Harriet’ and ‘Harley’ tweed ponchos are accentuated with an over cowl folded collar secured with three Celtic-style buttons. The ponchos are designed to gracefully drapes gently over the shoulders, providing flattering wear for any body type. They slip easily over the head, coming mid-way down the arms and finishing at a point at the front. Both poncho designs are 28.5 inches in length and 37 inches wide.

Our ‘Harriet’ unlined tweed poncho is available in check and herringbone patterns totalling nine variants. Check styles include houndstooth, grey, earth-brown, air force-blue and soft green. Herringbone styles include sky blue, damson, forest green and camel.

Taking luxury to the next level is our ‘Harley’ poncho. Similar to the ‘Harriet’ but made from authentic Harris Tweed and reinforced with a sumptuous satin lining, the Harley is available in five check patterns including pastel, denim & sage, lavender, multicoloured and sky blue which has a subtle overcheck design. It is also available in a stunning violet/purple variant.

Our Serapes

Our ‘Willow’ serapes or wraps are made in Yorkshire in the UK from a wool-cashmere mix. The Willow is reversible, making it a versatile finish to any outfit. Sophisticated simplicity is the key, as it can be casually draped or thrown over the shoulder. It is designed so that one size fits all and is 32.5in/83cm in length and 52.5in/133cm wide.

It is available in two variants, camel with brown check reverse or grey with grey check reverse.

Our Jackets

There are three different tweed jackets in the Tweedleberry range. Our ‘Jessie’ and ‘Jamie’ styles are made from British tweed and our ‘Jenna’ jacket is made from authentic Harris Tweed. All three jackets are finished with two pockets and a luxurious silky lining and are 27in/69cm in length. All jackets are available in six sizes from 8-18.

Our most affordable ‘Jessie’ tweed jacket is cut in a flattering yet comfortable fit and suitable for both town and country. It has a two-button closure, two side flap pockets and lacks a back vent which gives a spruce appearance. It available in three check colour variants: country (light green with subtle pastel), blue (dark blue, light blue and green) and heather (pink, brown, orange and violet).

The ‘Jamie’ tweed jacket is similar to the ‘Jessie’ tweed jacket, with a flattering and comfortable fit. It also lacks a back vent and is finished with a two-button closure. Unlike the Jessie’s flap pockets, the Jamie has two trim pockets providing additional practicality and style. It is available in three colour variants with subtle pastel checks: grey, soft green and air force blue. There is also ‘ocean’ which is comprises of a herringbone pattern in blue and pink.

The Harris Tweed ‘Jenna’ jacket has a similar silhouette to the rest of our jacket range, but has a neat back vent and is finished with a three-button front closure instead of two. Like the Jessie jacket, the Jenna features two side flap pockets. It is available in four colour/pattern variants. Two variants, pastel check and sky include a herringbone weave with subtle check overlay. Teal and violet complete the colour options.