Harris Tweed Bags

Our range of Harris Tweed bags is small as we like to keep the quality exceptional. Our bags make the perfect gift and are carefully chosen for their beautiful style, functionality, simplicity and quality.


About Tweedleberry’s Bags

There are three different women’s Harris Tweed handbags available and are made in the most beautiful and timeless Harris Tweed colours. The use of Harris Tweed in our bags is the perfect choice thanks to its durability. This fabric is used by many designers due to its heritage and unique qualities. All our bags integrate soft supple leather trim in black, dark brown or navy to complement your chosen fabric. They are also lined with heavy duty cotton and finished with the iconic Harris Tweed label.

As the fabric used on each Tweedleberry bag is unique, the pattern varies slightly due to the artisan nature of the weavers, your chosen Harris Tweed bag will be one of a kind.

‘Belle’ Compact Bag

The ‘Belle’ is our compact bag. It includes a secure internal zip pocket, mobile phone pouch and an extra pocket either side of the exterior for your essentials, making it as practical as it is stylish. Furthermore, the Belle has sumptuous leather handles, base and zipped top to ensure your bag withstands everyday use. It is available in seven colour/pattern variants. Four variants: denim & sage, cerise, pastel and lavender have a check pattern. Violet, teal and sky complete the colour options of the Belle compact bag.

‘Becca’ Tote Bag

The ‘Becca’ tote bag includes all the features associated with the ‘Belle’. The main differences are that the Becca is a larger tote style bag, reflected by the subtly different shape and slightly larger dimensions. It is available in seven colour/pattern variants. Three variants: denim & sage, cerise and pastel have a check pattern. Violet, teal, heath and sky complete the colour options of the Becca Harris Tweed tote bag.

‘Beatrice’ Shopper Bag  

The spacious ‘Beatrice’ shopper bag has enough space for all of your daily essentials. You'll be sure to make the Beatrice an indispensable part of your routine. It is complemented by leather handles and combines two complementary tweed styles and colours, giving the Beatrice a distinctive attractive look. It is available in four colour/pattern variants. Each variant combines two complementary fabrics: a check and a herringbone pattern. The colours available for the Beatrice shopper bag are denim & sage, lavender & violet, blue & blue and pink & mint.