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November 2014

Meet Tweedy Ted!

By Kaye Fletcher-Brooke 27 November 2014 No comments

Ted enroute in Audio Quattro

Meet #tweedyted our Harris Tweed Bear.

#tweedyted is going on a fabulous adventure travelling the world with friends and customers who'd like to take him along :-) He also appears on our, twitterInstagram, Pinterest and Facebook pages.

From March to November he will be out and about at all the country shows meeting the customers. When he's not away anywhere exciting we will bring you behind the scenes pictures of him helping Kaye with the business. He's a very energetic bear and we hope you enjoy reading about him!

Do add your own images to our hashtag #tweedyted if you have one of his cousins, we'll be interested to see what they get up to too!!!

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Get the most from your Harris Tweed this Winter

By Steve Browett 20 November 2014 No comments

The distinct pattern and feel of authentic tweed fabric is something you can’t substitute with cheap synthetic or man-made fabrics. Handwoven, durable and ideal for both casual wear and harsh winter weather, a layer of Harris Tweed clothing is fantastic motivation to enjoy those outdoor country walks where you dread going up against the relentless elements.

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