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Tweedy Ted's A-Z of great destinations

By Kaye Fletcher-Brooke 26 April 2017 Leave a comment Go to comments

Tweedy Ted would like to share with you his favourite places. He's been spreading the beauty of Harris Tweed far and wide and causing a bit of a stir! If you have any photos of your tweed then we'd love to see them on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. Use the #Tweedleberry hashtag!


Arezzo view from the square

Arezzo in Tuscany is a stunning small city, famed for the frescoes by Piero della Francesca. Don't miss this gorgeous square the Piazza Grande which has the Vasari Loggia down it's side. Ted's in the bell tower overlooking, a perfect spot to observe the people in the cafes. Just outside Arezzo Ted ate his favourite pizza of walnuts, honey, pecorino cheese and pears!

View of the river in Budapest

#TweedyTed took a trip with Joe and Vic to #Budapest the stunningly beautiful capital of Hungary with 9thC roots. Described by #CondeNasteTraveller as the 2nd best world city.

Ted meets giant with good luck charms

#ChinaTown in Bangkok was a great place to spend Chinese New Year, even though it was somewhat frenetic! 

Ted rides a camel

Ted never thought he'd end up on a camel ... this one was down by the Creek which is Dubai's more authentic area with gold souk and trips on the river. Don't be put off by the modern sky scraping architecture, there's plenty to enjoy and February is a great time for the cooler temperatures, around 22C.

Ted views the fabulous ruins

#TweedyTed holiday tips A-Z! Turkey has many great ancient remains, Ted loved #Ephesus where is your favourite ancient site?

Ted gets ready to ride down the hill in a basket!

If you are going to Madeira then you must stay in Funchal, the capital, where there are some great bars and restaurants. The highlight of any trip is sledging down to the town from Monte in these fabulous old baskets, #TweedyTed was a little nervous as you can see! You can take the cable car up the hill and then speed down with a driver by your side!

Ted enjoys this bustling port

#TweedyTed's first outing was to Aegina, Greece, where he learned to pick olives and enjoy sunshine and heat despite his HarrisTweed coat! A short ride away from Piraeus (the port for Athens) it's an idyllic island to spend some time just chilling out!

Ted's back home in Harris where his tweed came from!

#TweedyTed holiday tips A-Z! There's no where like home #Harris is gorgeous & remote great for nature lovers & bears. It's not so easy to reach, but Ted took the ferry from Uig on Syke, what a lovely trip with CalMac into the tiny harbour at Tarbet. In the town there you can find lots of lovely Harris Tweed products, including some of ours badged 'James'. You can also buy lengths of tweed for yourself! Remember to measure up for your curtains before you go. The two islands of Lewis and Harris are quite distinct in nature, and it's easy driving around them both. Take your binoculars for the Golden Eagles! If you can find the time (and the dosh, as it is expensive) then take a day trip to St Kilda and the stachs with sea birds. You'll never forget it. Ted's been lucky enough to be taken back again this year with friends - so will post some photos of him with other sights soon! Do you have a favourite island?

Ted meets a cheeky leprechaun

Well there's no mistaking where #TweedyTed was here! Just a year ago he was enjoying the fabulous hospitality of real Irish Pubs in Dublin, not those fake ones you get abroad! A visit to the Guiness factory is of course a must, there's plenty to see there though you may want to get a taxi from the city centre. The Writers' Museum was a fascinating visit, but the best place had to be the Trinity College Library and the Book of Kells Museum. Simply astonishing.

Ted on the ferry to Spain

Ted's favourite ride on his trips is the stylish Jaguar XKR, though more often abroad he has to make do with a Fiat Panda! It was fun to park next to Bugattis and Frazer Nash on the Pont Aven to Santander!

Ted with the churches of the Kremlin and golden roofs

Ted loved his time in Moscow, the Kremlin was far more beautiful than he expected - so much history and stunning church architecture. EasyJet from Manchester!!!!!

Ted trees his first selfie in Lucca's main square

Ted's first selfie in Lucca wasn't a great success! The town was beautiful with a wall around that was wide enough for a comfortable promenade. A great first night stop for his Tuscany Tour.

Ted meets Lenin in the underground

Moscow!!!!! If only for the most fabulous underground stations in the world. Did you see Michael Portilo's train programme there? Ted was inspired to visit and wonder at the palaces of the people, cheap as chips to ride all day!

Ted enjoys the fabulous cakes in Sicily

There's more than great architecture in this Eastern Corner of Sicily, the cakes are simply to die for. Busting at the seams Ted could not resist the cassata and cannolo, light and sweet and very moorish. The towns of Noto, Ragusa and Modica are beautiful and great places to visit if your base is the delightful island of Ortigia. Sicily has a lot more to offer than the touristy (but still attractive) Taormina!

The bells the bells, too loud for Ted!

Ortygia in Sicily is a safe disctance from the spurting Mount Etna! If you are thinking of a trip to the Island (and Ted thinks you should!) then Ortygia is a lovely atmospheric island connected to Syracuse by a couple of old bridges. An excellent place to base yourself for touring the south east. This is the beautiful Baroque Catherdral with lots of cafes and restaurants on the marble squares that surround it. Sublime!

Ted checks out the cotton harvest

A few hours drive inland from the delightful Turkish coast is a stunning georlogical formation of Pamukkale, a liquified cascade of chalky-white travertine laid down from mineral-rich hot springs. You can see it from miles away - Ted is inspecting the 'Cotton Castle's' local crop that grows at the foot of Pamukkale, which is infact cotton!

Ted is blown away by the beauty of this place!

The central feature of The Temple of Heaven (Tian Tan) is Qinian Dian. One of the largest temple complexes in China, this is in Beijing, and is where the Emporers would pray for a good harvest. This Hall of Prayer was originally built in 1420!!!

Ted walks the cobbles in Rye

If you're looking for a lovely English break then get yourself to Rye in East Sussex. a delightful old town with great range of independent shops and the local Longman Brewery beer in the pubs. Originally by the sea until the marshes were drained it's a unique position with all the charm of an Agatha Chrisite novel 

Ted outside the Church of the Spilled Blood

Don't let international relations stop you from visiting this beautiful city and the Church of Our Savior on the Spilled Blood. Fully restored (taking 30 years) it commemorates the exact spot that Emperor Alexander II was assassinated in March 1881.

Ted watches the amazing human towers grow

Well you don't see this done everyday! Fly to Reus airport in Spain and you are just a short hop from the lovely Roman town of Tarragona. Here they build the tradtitional Catalan 'castell', human towers made up of men, women and children from the local communities! They wear their local uniforms in these competative festivals - the highest is 10 layers!!! This was outside the magnificent cathederal.

Ted outside the Cathedral of St Francis of Assisi

Poor Umbria has suffered from recent earthquakes, and this cathedral built in 1228 of St Francis of Assisi, in Assisi had to be restored after a collapse in 1997. The hilltowns in Umbria are truly ancient and delightful, Orvieto, Gubbio, Spello et al. Sadly his planned trip to Norcia last autumn was cancelled as yet another earthquake hit that town. Be prepared for the steep hills though, fortunately some of the towns have lifts up the hills and parking at the bottom!

Ted with Vic sign

For all people called Victoria! There are so many lovely spots in Spain to stay, but Vic has a glorious Parador with a view across lakes and mountains. Close to the fabulous mediaeval town of Besalu. Leave the beaches and explore inland 

Ted in the garden at Wimpole with his NT badge

Ted loves to visit National Trust properties, and Wimpole Hall is a delightful mansion in Cambridge with a lovely garden and farm. Why not drop into one of their properties for a coffee on the way to the ferry if you aren't exploring the English Countryside? £114.60 for a family membership it's lovely to be able to drop in for short visits too!

Ted checks out the metro signs

There are lots of Xs on the Beijing underground, you have to remember it's pronounced as an 'S' if you're asking for directions! TweedyTed thought it was exhilerating to manage to get around in this somewhat confusing place, but it's super eifficent and very safe :-) If you only remember Beijing as having bikes to get around it's time to revisit!

Ted looking over Digley Reservoir

Of course there is only one place to enjoy life and that's YORKSHIRE!!!!! We have moody weather, great beer, fabulous countryside to ramble through and some of the best galleries in the country!!! TweedyTed thinks it's time you visited if you haven't already!

Ted on the steps of a church in Zadar

The Croatian coast is just delightful, peppered with hundreds of picturesque islands, perfect for the sailors amongst you. TweedyTed visited Zadar, an ancient town on the coast in late May just as the season was starting, and it was perfect weather and not too busy to get around sight-seeing. If you like elegant faded glory this is the town for you!

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