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TweedyTed's Travels 2017

By Kaye Fletcher-Brooke 12 December 2017 No comments

The best travelled piece of Harris Tweed? Well what a year it’s been for TweedyTed! Seriously indulged Ted has had a whirlwind of a year. Many thanks to the friends who took him along to experience the best of what the world has to offer. Ted's destinations

 Ted reading map

Great Yorkshire Show 2017

By Kaye Fletcher-Brooke 9 November 2017 No comments

Harewood Country Show 2016

By Kaye Fletcher-Brooke 19 June 2017 No comments

Highclere Show 2017

By Kaye Fletcher-Brooke 15 June 2017 No comments
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Notts County Show 2017

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Midland Show 2017

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Tweedy Ted's A-Z of great destinations

By Kaye Fletcher-Brooke 26 April 2017 No comments

Ted in Arezzo Arezzo in Tuscany is a stunning small city, famed for the frescoes by Piero della Francesca. Don't miss this gorgeous square the Piazza Grande which has the Vasari Loggia down it's side. Ted's in the bell tower overlooking, a perfect spot to observe the people in the cafes. Just outside Arezzo Ted ate his favourite pizza of walnuts, honey, pecorino cheese and pears!


By Kaye Fletcher-Brooke 4 April 2017 No comments

Show Diary 2017

By Kaye Fletcher-Brooke 10 March 2017 No comments

Ted in Iceland!

By Kaye Fletcher-Brooke 30 January 2017 No comments

Ted checks out the geyser at Geysir

Ted at the Blue Lagoon

Where else would you go in January than Iceland?! TweedyTed took off from Manchester with EasyJet for the short hop to Reykjavik and spent a few days in the half dark exploring the countryside but with no chance of seeing the Northern Lights! The hot springs at Geysir were very strange and a little smelly, Stokkur is the most impressive and took Ted quite by surprise. Gullfoss a little further up the Golden Circle was the most fabulous sight. A tour up the west coast in the mist meant a lot of the scenery was obscured, but there were some fantastic lighthouses at Akranes and Ted found a collection of painted pebbles, maybe by the curious pebble man that he found. Ted's friend BearLowe was equally keen to meet him! Reaching the Blue Lagoon on his final day TweedyTed was very sure as to whether his beautiful Harris Tweed suit would cope with the water and opted to view the lagoon from a safe distance! Ted loved his Iceland trip but found it very expensive so he remained tee-total for the whole time! The tap water on the other hand was very palatable and Ted found the Skyr very much to his liking! Maybe he'll come back in the sunshine of summer!

Viewing the Blue Lagoon at close quartersTed with the pebble manTed being protected from the weatherTed at the lighthouse on the west coast