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About Tweedleberry

Here at Tweedleberry we endeavour to support the British fashion industry, therefore the majority of our products are made and/or designed in Britain from British fabrics. We use Pure New Wool, British Wool, hand woven Tweeds and Harris Tweeds all known for their warmth, quality and longevity.

At Tweedleberry we believe in stocking the quality and unusual over the readily available, the hand made over the mass produced. The collection encompasses jackets, capes, wraps/serapes, coats, hats, scarves, bags and purses, wallets and a huge range of accessories.

We do not source throw away fashion, we work without compromise with our suppliers to ensure that our garments are made from high quality raw materials, from UK sources and manufactured to ensure longevity.

We believe exclusivity is important, hence we do not order massive quantities from overseas. Because of this stock can sometimes be limited.

Tweedleberry is based within the grounds of the Yorkshire Sculpture Park in the heart of Yorkshire. The views from our windows are an inspiration and the lovely staff at Tweedleberry are a happy bunch, but to be fair, who wouldn't be!!!

Here at Tweedleberry we are trying to do our bit for the British fashion industry and our staff, it may not be a big bit, but it's a start!!